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A.I. Generated [NEW]

In 2022, new digital tools driven by artificial intelligence (learning machines) came on the scene. To generate work in this way, the artist feeds a series of prompts and A.I. produces the art. The artist can continue to refine and create new versions of the images until the desired look is rendered. In this series, the artist shares the prompts and the images that resulted.

Title: The Royals (4 images)
Prompt: spoils of greed, golden palace, political feathers, sell-out
Title: Flowers by Tim Burton (2 images)
Prompt: flowers by Tim Burton
Title: High Seas (6 images)
Prompt: blackberry, viking, rain, ship, wind, rabbit in raincoat
Title: Reiki Masters (12 images)
Prompt: master, reiki hands, light flowing toward sky, ancient symbols, entrance to dark realm, sinister, dominating light
Title: Hideaway (5 images)
Prompt: ancient, dragon lair, turquoise and gold, cave, treasure
Title: In-Between Worlds (4 images)
Prompt: Buddha's snakes, pinnacle, lost city, idol
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